Friday, October 18, 2013


Jusdeep Peace, I remember you from poetry class.

You joked around, and made us all laugh,

We were sitting in the shade, underneath a tree,

You spoke to us, and inspired us to think free,

We wrote random poems, and just had fun,

And ran around the park, enjoying the sun,

You are so unique, and have a beautiful soul,

That it's hard to say goodbye, and let you go,

But don't worry, I wont forget our time at Camp Gian,

You will live in our hearts, forever on and on.

Rise in power my friend.

Wednesday, October 16, 2013


So recently I have been hooked on the Singh Street Style
blog. I just cant help but reblog this! These blokes really
know how to dress. Props to you guys for making it to
London Fashion Week and being on MTV! Represent

What I want for my birthday!

So if you don't know already, my birthday is coming up! I am turning 19 on the 28th of this month! Everyone keeps asking me what i want for my birthday and to be honest I really didn't know either until  now. I decided to think long and hard about it and here are some things I really reaaallllyyy want for my birthday!
   1. Grand Theft Auto V Special Edition
   2. Leather Joggers
   3. Ankle Boots
   4. Zara Giftcard
   5. Watches
   6. Purses

Thats pretty much it :) theres my list, buy accordingly and of course cash is always the number one option ;)

Monday, October 14, 2013


Whenever there is an Punjabi party, which is not that often, I go all out and love to dress up! 

Burbank is my hood

Burbank water and power just celebrated their 100th year and had a huge festival. We got to wear harnesses and go up in lifts to view the city from above the plant. I was having so much fun but Bandagi was scared and the operator of the lift was laughing at her freaking out. Good times :)

The City of Angels

Im blessed to be living in L.A, the city of angels. Theres so many opportunities out there waiting for me. I have to seize the day and count my blessings. Just recently I had visited LACMA and its one of the most beautiful museums I have been to. Im going again soon and will be taking many more photos so stay tuned!


So recently I went on a fall splurge and got all of the essentials I needed! My favorites are the boots which I'm wearing and my polka dot tights. The fall is my favorite season and I hope it gets cooler soon its still summer in Cali during the month of October -__-